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The Showroom Has Arrived! ::The New Website::

28 May

Showroom Home Page

Finally, finally finally, I have managed to rework my website. I had my site on Godaddy for a long time uggh, what a nightmare… using their website builder and templates, doing it myself from there. Well I wasn’t getting the look or feel of the company right at all from the Godaddy tools. I dreaded the thought of completely redoing the site, but knew I couldn’t take the site not representing the company properly anymore. Being a fashion designer that is available to sell to stores and boutiques, plus a personal designer that sells pieces to clients, I wasn’t getting that image across. So, with the help of my brand developer/husband, we came up with having a showroom that appeals clients buying for their boutiques, and a catalog section for those buying for themselves individually.

About Us Page

My husband and I had done his site in Adobe Dreamweaver, and both of us had no experience in that at the time, and found that it wasn’t as hard as we had initially thought. Don’t get me wrong, it was a struggle at first, but with lots of great people on youtube who post tutorials, we tackled it head on.

Main Home Page

My site, however, was a little different. The template I wanted was in Adobe Flash. Well that was a whole new ballgame to learn. I actually handled that one on my own, no tutorials or anything. In my opinion its easier than Dreamweaver and was pretty self explanatory after some playing around with it.


But now I have to go back to Dreamweaver (and Flash) to do the other half of the site which is The Catalog. This is where customers can shop and purchase our apparel. My guess is that it shouldn’t take me more than a week, considering that I actually understand my hosting server now and the proper way to publish things to the web.

Home Page

I hope that this inspires some of you to create the website you’ve always wanted or to revamp the one you already have. Don’t let obstacles stop or scare you. If worse comes to worse, you can always hire someone! A great website should only cost a couple hundred altogether for someone to do it for you, five hundred at the most. Stay fresh & good luck!!
To see the entire Showroom site, visit
~A. Rozier


Inside Info on One of Our Favorite Business Tools! Score Big With SCORE!

27 May

Take control of your business and your life! Here is one of the greatest assets available to entrepreneurs and small businesses. And don’t underestimate the term ‘small business’. This tool is the real deal designed to take you to the next level. These two videos illustrate what SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Engineers) has to offer. Keep in mind that everything they do is FREE! Workshops, mentoring, and great information are at your fingertips. This site has really helped me in getting my business on track with great advice and step by step instruction. You have to love your business first before it will love you back!! So if your just starting, or your existing business needs some refresher courses, don’t hesitate another second to go to! Hope this inspires and empowers! [Be sure to watch part 2 full screen so you can see the tutorial!]
~A. Rozier:

::Part 1::

::Part 2::

New Art and a Few Words About Pricing and Dealing With ‘Friends’

12 May

A.R.T. Hand Painting in Progress

Here’s a video of a custom tee shirt I did recently for a hip hop artist from south Florida. One thing about my brand A.R.T. is that I have complete creative freedom. As of now, I do not screen print. I thought about it, looked into pricing and found a few great companies in case I do decide to screen print designs in the future. But for now, I love being able to paint the tees. For one- its more fun, secondly- I get to be more involved and third- I get to make sure, up close and personal, that it looks great. I work for hours on one tee to make sure it looks great. I use a combination of a lot of techniques that I’ve acquired through books, youtube and other tutorials. How I do a particular tee depends on the design, so I have to decide how to combine the techniques from there.

A.R.T. Hand Painting in Progress

I feel like I’m reasonable with pricing. My T’s are $20 and for a custom one like you see in the video, its $30. At a time with the economy like it is, companies should do everything they can to accommodate their customers at a fair price. But at the same time I don’t think small businesses should sell themselves short. That can be a big reason for failure in small business. This is a quote from a workshop I took on financial management. “A common mistake made by small business owners is pricing too low,” says SCORE counselor Stanley Lakefish. “I’ve never known a business to go south due to high prices,” he says, “but I’ve known a few that did fail due to their prices being too low.” So it makes for an intense balancing act. One cool thing though is having sales. If you set your prices too high for an item and are having trouble selling it, just putting that item on sale will draw attention and possibly earn you your money back.

A.R.T.Just About Finished

Besides that point, the artist that I did the tee for in the video is a customer as well as a friend which brings me to a recommendation. Charge your friends for your work. If you don’t, everyone will be your friend. If you have problems, explain that it’s not personal and you simply cannot afford it. If anything- give them a discount for being a preferred customer. Other than that, remember that your best marketing tool is word of mouth, and if they pay for it and are happy, they will tell everyone. And likely, if your serious and passionate about your business, most good friends will want to support you.

~A. Rozier

A Fashion Show from Dec. 2010 and a Few Words on Business Relationships

5 May

This video is from a fashion show I did in December 2010. I put alot into this line and am very happy about how it looked on the runway. Expecially because of 2 models in particular. Candace King- who came all the way from Pittsbourgh to Palm Beach to participate in the show, and Floresca Isme who came from Orlando. These 2 ladies rocked it as you can see in the video and I am so glad that they were able to come and put their spin on things. Models with awesome walks can really enhance the clothing, and when you find the models that portray the look you want, treat them right, and keep it touch, because believe me– they are invaluable!!!

Relationships are vital in business. When people feel they can trust you, you are the first one they will come to if they have a need in your field. Trust comes from building a personal relationship and being reliable. As you can see, I have a great relationship with these two ladies in particular because of the way I highlighted them in the video. Them being great at what they do and being reliable, I had an urge to get creative in getting them exposure. Author Chris Brogan who co-wrote Trust Agents (a book on marketing) said at a seminar that a guy that he met at a BBQ and shared a couple drinks with led to Chris recommending many people to him and which ended up generating the guy tens of thousands of dollars. You never know how much one relationship can help your business. And more importantly- think of how many cool people you’ll meet and how much you’ll learn!

~A. Rozier

A Little About Me & My Brand

2 May

Fashion is one of the few art forms that all of us must participate in every day. Whether you throw on any old thing from the closet, or plan what you wear weeks in advance, you are making a choice about how you want to be perceived by the world. We live in an era that is unlike any other thus far. We have the power of choice more than ever before. For some, it is almost too much choice and can become overwhelming to keep up. For me, that choice is empowering. All that one can do with fashion is amazing. The possibilities of the combinations of textures, patterns, shapes, embellishments and structure give us the power to embody a branch of our personality and visually express it to the rest of the world. The great thing is that you can show a different branch every day, and eventually, with enough digging, the world may find the root of the tree below the wardrobe. As with trees, fashion changes every season. In fashion and in nature, fall and winter are my favorite.

For me, fashion started with a love for old paintings from the Baroque and Rococo period with women wearing beautiful gowns. Old movies from the 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s intrigued me with how beautifully and intricately they dressed, particularly Pollyanna, Casablanca, and Citizen Kane. I have loved fabric since I can remember. Always running my fingers through different fabric, I was (and am) very particular about the way something should feel.

I didn’t begin to sew until I was 18 and encountered difficulty finding suitable clothing. I was a newlywed and wanted to wear all the great clothing that was out, but at the same time look like a respectable married woman. Unable to find such pieces, I began to create them. Thankfully, my husband had the knowledge of how to turn my talent into a brand. Also being that he is a producer gives my line an all around vibe by having custom made music for each fashion show.

Six years later, I have A. Rozier Design Studio that umbrellas a men’s line, women’s line, and tee shirt line: Elijah Ramon, Areli SInclair, and A.R.T. I take pride in all three. They are all branches of my personality and have grown to be like my children. Each with its own style, vibe, and way of life. One thing they all have in common though is confidence.

Needing technicality behind my passion is what brings me to Orlando, Fl. A few months from receiving my BFA in Fashion Design and Merchandising, my hope is to finish school with the knowledge needed to expand my clothing lines even further.

My true goal, however, lies in giving men and women the same empowerment that fashion gave me: a voice. There is always an alternative to the norm. Coco Chanel said it best: “To be irreplaceable, one must always be different”.

[For alot about me- check out the ‘About Me’ tab at the top of the page next to ‘Home’]

~A. Rozier

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