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When Life Hits You and Your Business

22 Aug

Being an entrepreneur, having big goals and dreams, and trying to make them come to pass by your own means is hard enough in its own right. But when you, the owner, the sole brain power and motivation for your business face personal problems, you and the business can become overwhelmed by the demands of both your personal and business world. So what does one do when faced with such decisions? Recently I have had a situation in my life that has turned me completely in circles. Something so unexpected, demanding and life changing that I am simply too overtaken by it to even discuss it with most people around me. One of those journeys that I just have to deal with internally and see where it goes before I can subject myself to the opinions of others.

My solution of dealing with major personal incidents may not be the best one for everyone. But it allows me to stay focused on my dreams and business at the same time so at least I am not reminded each time I have a conversation with someone.

Some may not agree and say that it is best to communicate and let your emotions and feelings out, otherwise they will get bottled up, and you may ‘explode’ or ‘implode’. I am not saying that I keep everything bottled up. However, I think it is extremely important that you are careful whose shoulder you cry on. It’s a sad truth that some people with show compassion and understanding for your situation, let you vent about your problems, only to use it against you later. You end up laying what seems like your entire life on the table, just to get it off your chest and tell someone about it, and in the long run you end up with a bigger problem than you started with. Just be selective in your venting.
Another option is keeping a journal. As I am doing now, letting what I am going through serve as advice for someone who may go through or be going through a similar situation, typing out what I feel is a great form of release. Tracking your feelings, recording actions or progress day by day, even hour by hour will help bring back reality when the world seems off kilter.

Read a motivational book. The best one that I can recommend is The Other 90% by Robert Cooper. It’s not just one of those “you can do it!” books that feeds you a bunch of crap and makes you feel great for about 5 minutes. No, this book is a great reflection on what truly matters in life and how you can make the very best of it. It’s so much more than ‘thinking positive brings positive’. This book will help put good things into action.

Youtube it out. I know Youtube can be hard to sift through at times, but if you can manage getting around all the junk, eventually you may find buried treasure. For me, it was Joel Osteen. I had watched him on TV before and always liked his messages and the way he delivered them. So I recently found him on Youtube and can watch whatever topic I want whenever I need it. Whether you’re religious or not, being in touch with you inner self and having control of your body and mind are vital tools in the success of your business and your life. So find something that works for you, spiritual or maybe just a motivational speaker. There are thousands of videos on the subject.

Overall, to keep your dreams alive in tough times, you simply have to keep it moving. Staying focused on goals may seem harder than ever, but the test of your strength will only prove your will to be on top. And proving it to no one but you is the key. In emotionally rough times, time can be the biggest evader of your conscience. Your mind may drift and focus on the problematic situation during the time you have designated for working. Or maybe you simply haven’t designated time for work at all. Remaining aware is very important. Writing down goals and a realistic timeline of deadlines is what has kept me on track with time. My business cannot afford to waste time, so I at least owe it enough respect to consider what time loss will result in.

Have I used this as a tool myself to release some of what I am experiencing and to reflect on my situation? Why yes, of course. Have all my words of advice been in vain? I hope not. I would like to think that someone reading this may have found some use of it and can gain strength to move forward. Life can be so hard, yet so fun at the same time. Enjoy the time that you have been given and make the very best of it, no matter what the situation. Years later, you will thank yourself.
~A. Rozier

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