Controlled Environments

23 Apr

It’s amazing how much your environment can dictate your actions. Since my last post my husband and I have moved. Not far in distance, but far in perspective. We went from a one bedroom apartment near Disney World, to a one bedroom apartment in Winter Park. I had no idea how much our old apartment was affecting me until we came here. The fact that it was so small, or in a very touristy, non-cultural, expensive area could all have been reasons it was weighing on us. But most of all, I think it came down to 2 factors; comfort and the people surrounding us.

Getting too comfortable with where you are can be the silent killer to your dreams. I don’t mean comfortable like sitting on the sofa watching T.V. I mean being ok with where you are progressively in life, career, relationships, etc, when you are not where you should be – and making excuses, even to yourself, about why you won’t change it. Sometimes we don’t even realize we do it. For me, the reason I gave myself for not moving sooner was that 1- I was pregnant, and 2- I was in school, close to finishing. Looking back, I can’t believe what terrible excuses those were. I didn’t even think of the possibility of what a fresh start could do for us. A bigger living space.. a bed even- that’s right, I was pregnant and sleeping on the couch the whole time. Our bedroom was taken over by both of our studios. Now, not only do we have a bed, but a pull out sofa bed as well. Being in the climax of college would have been a lot to deal with while moving, but once it was done, the last stretch would have likely been much more enjoyable.

One thing that I never did allow to become an excuse was my sweet Areli. It’s funny how the toughest situation in my life wasn’t the one deterring my everyday successes. Maybe since I was trying so hard to keep it under wraps, I had to first prove to myself that everything was ok before trying to convince others. But shouldn’t all obstacles be that way? I don’t mean hiding or lying about them, but not letting them detour us from our chosen path.

The people we choose to have around us are another gigantic foreseer of our fate. Being around people who are motivated to progress will inevitably inspire or motivate you, and same goes for the reverse. Human behavior is so interesting to me. I study all types of psychology topics, focus groups and theories and find similar results almost every time, no matter what generation is tested. In a group of people there is a dominant leader. Almost as important as the leader, if not more, is the first follower. First followers are courageous, independent and important to a movement. This creates a stronghold. The second follower is vital, now becoming a group. After a third follower, others will begin to follow suit, creating a movement. Most times we don’t consider where we are personally on that chain. You will have different chains for different aspects of your life- family, work, friends, etc. There is nothing wrong with being a follower. So long as you believe in the leaders cause. In fact, it sometimes takes more courage to be a first follower considering the risk of failing or being humiliated should the leader fail. If you are in a situation where people are holding you back; change it. And stop blaming them! It’s up to you to be on the chain link you desire to be on in any area of your life. Following your heart and surrounding yourself with energy that motivates is key.

For me, this is the time of no excuses. Choosing to be an artist is a risk in itself. People automatically expect you to fail. It can pull you down- only if you let it. Start to believe in yourself, and I mean REALLY believe! Put action to it. Be the leader of your dreams, gain first and second followers (fans/believers/customers), and others will follow suit. Choose to make this your time of no excuses too!


If it’s true that you become a product of your environment, then choose yours wisely.

There are 2 rules to this path:

1- You must NEVER lie to yourself!

2- No Excuses.

Let’s do this!!!

-A. Rozier

P.S. I have an announcement to make that I’ll reveal in my next post!!!


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