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Mom at Millenia!!!

13 May

What a bittersweet day. This is the first Mother’s Day since we lost our sweet angel Areli. At first I felt cheated and jealous of all the lovely posts I see everywhere today. But then I remember the awesome blessing that has been bestowed on me. I still feel that this has been put on me for a reason. And these past 8 months have proven that very true to me. The conversations I’ve had and deep connections I’ve made to others have been priceless. And I cannot wait to continue to share my story with more people.

Last year I was scheduled to showcase my latest collection at Millenia Fashion Week on September 14th. I unexpectedly gave birth to Areli on the 11th. I still participated in the show. As I wrote about previously, I was there physically, but not in mind and spirit. To my lovely surprise, I have been invited back this year to showcase on September 10th. What a way to celebrate what would have been Areli’s 1st birthday. I invite you all to come celebrate with me as I showcase the Areli Sinclair Spring 2013 collection. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity and would love for you all to be there and share the moment with me!

Photo by : Lidia Carr

Being a mother is about so much more than giving birth. It’s about putting another person wholeheartedly before yourself. Its about unconditional love. Being strong when you feel weak. Solving problem that you thought you never could. And so much more.

Children are such a blessing. I am so proud of what my little girl has accomplished so far from all the way up in heaven. She has taught me so much, helped me to grow as a person, and allowed me to plant seeds in others.

To all you hard working mothers – Happy Mother’s Day!! Today and always. Hold onto those moments that you will experience today!

See you at the show!

~A. Rozier


Graduation! Someone Bring ME a Trumpet!

9 May

For a while I wasn’t sure if I’d even attend my college graduation. I finished school in early February this year and took my sigh of relief back then. Not doing anything to really commemorate the moment, but simply continuing with my work and making new goals.

But after attending my graduation last Saturday with family and friends, it made me realize how important it is to recognize your own accomplishments.

My mother in law and I at my graduation

Think about the last time you failed at something or didn’t do your absolute best. I’m sure you beat yourself up about it and felt lousy for quite a while. It may have even set you back, even if just in terms of your mindset.

Since fear is one of the strongest emotions in human beings, failures tend to outshine and get more attention than accomplishments. Achieving goals or milestones should give us just as powerful of a feeling.

When you can recognize your accomplishments as well as set backs, you will paint a realistic picture of where you are in life and what the next step should really be.

Last post I mentioned that this is my season of no excuses. Part of that mantra includes not lying to yourself. You’re stronger than you think you are, and when you do things that prove it to yourself, don’t be modest. Harness that feeling of achievement. Think of that feeling the next time you hit a rough patch on the way to reaching your next goal.

Everyone’s path to their own personal best will be different. Your best chance of reaching your destination will be knowing the traveler (yourself) and the terrain (path/opportunities/direction) as well as possible.

Now everyone, raise your trumpets an march onward!

~A. Rozier

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