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To Plus Size or Not to Plus Size???

1 Jun

So far throughout my fashion design career, I’ve had a few requests for designs for plus sized or full figured women, but not very many. But as of late, I’ve heard it 3 times in the past week. Could this be a sign???

When I set out to do fashion, it was never in my mind to make clothing for plus sizes. I think that’s because the way I first started was by draping the clothing right on my own size 6 body type. And then of course in college they taught us to make our samples in size 6 which is industry standard.

Even if I did start making plus sizes, I suppose it wouldn’t have to be entire collections, but maybe single pieces or ‘mini’ collections at first. The hesitation comes in because in case you don’t know, fabric and sewing supplies are VERY expensive. Not to mention the time it takes to produce garments. I just don’t want to start another venture that won’t produce any profit to be quite frank.

So what I want to know iiisss, what do you think? Let’s have your opinion on the subject, because let’s face it- I need some help with this one as it’s a little out of my element.

Don’t just vote on the poll, leave a comment and let me know WHY!!! This is a major decision for me, so some guidance from your point of view is surely appreciated!

Thanks loves! ❀

~A. Rozier

UPDATE: I have decided to continue making standard sizes to keep my brand focused. Of course, I would still make a custom piece for anyone, any size, but I think for my collections it is best to continue making standard sizes. This of course could change in the long term as the brand grows. 12-1-12

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