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Should I go back to School? Forever Learning

28 Jul

So after all my complaints and figuring out what college is really all about, what could possibly possess me to go back? Well, a many number of things, but most importantly the fact that every college is not the same. No one learns the same way. But it isn’t best for anyone to be taught ‘at’. Finding a school that is interactive and respects different learning styles is extremely important. Quite honestly, you need to work the system. And by work, I don’t mean cheat. I mean take complete advantage of every resource that is presented to you in college. That’s what you’re really paying for. In college, you are constantly in an opportunistic position. There’s always someone around you can talk to for advice, be it student or instructor, great equipment to use, books, information, databases, etc. The students that take advantage of the perks are usually the ones who go the furthest. I’ve stated in my previous thoughts on college that my conclusion was that ‘what you put in, you will get out’. And that statement is what I will be reminding myself of everyday that I’m attending school for the next year.


I decided to go to Full Sail for my Master’s of Science in Entertainment Business. Coming from an art school with my BFA in Fashion Design and Merchandising, I felt like I was still lacking in really being able to pin down my business strategies. I don’t want to be prepared for a ‘job’ or to just ‘fill a slot’, but to excel, to innovate, to lead. This, plus one other major factor really lead me to this degree. When the time is right, I’ll post about the other reason! 😉

I hope this post helps anyone I may have discouraged about college in the past, which wasn’t my intention. However, it is still wise to really evaluate your situation before diving into anything, be it college or any other endeavor. Just don’t let fear be your deciding factor!

~A. Roze

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