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Weekly Recap School and…. clothes!

29 Oct

This week past week was the start of a new term at school. Time is just flying!! I am loving Full Sail University so far. The teaching style is right on target and my fellow students are cool too!
Other than school I had a few fun adventures, when to south Florida last weekend, saw family for the first time in about a year and a half!! I went to the Enzian Theater for the first time, which is a local independent theater. I also go free tickets to go back! How cool! Then I got to go see Johnny Cupcakes give a branding seminar, which was fun and informative.
And then today I closed the week with a photo shoot featuring my designs with an amazing team. I cannot wait to see photos!!!
So I just wanted to post a few of my outfits from this past week, which I will try to continue to do every Sunday!
I haven’t decided what we are doing for Halloween yet… to dress up or not to dress up… hhmmm… Well, You’ll find out next week! And sooner than that if you follow me on FB or Twitter! or Twitter: @arozierdesigns
Have a fun Halloween everyone! Enjoy!


Fashion Whys

24 Oct

Since starting at Full Sail, they have required us to start a new blog. I will still be blogging here, but wanted to post the link here for you guys.

The new blog will have more of a focus on the psychology of fashion. First 2 posts are up, so check it out here!

See you there!

A. Rozier

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