Weekly Recap Photo Shoot, Halloween & Fall

4 Nov

This week has been so much fun!

I had a photoshoot last sunday with Edz Antoine (http://www.edz01.com), which was so awesome! He already had an idea and concept for what he wanted to do and asked me to bring 2 specific dresses. The studio he rented was near downtown Orlando. We worked with Christelsie Johnson- MUA and Lori Livingston- model. What an amazing team! Here are a few photos from the shoot!


Other than that I had class all week. I’m in Project and Team Management right now in my masters program at Full Sail University. I really like the class. It’s very interactive. We do a lot of team building exercises and discussions. Of course I love everything dealing with psychology and sociology, so I find it very interesting to see the results of some of the things we do. I also did a blog post on my other blog about controversial wording on clothing, which I found to be quite interesting. Check it out, when you finish this one of course πŸ˜‰Β http://fashionwhys.blogspot.com

I also had the opportunity to get to know my fellow students a bit better this week. Being that it was Halloween, a couple students had get togethers at their homes. The part that I love is that everyone got to meet my husband. All you married people can relate I’m sure. It feels much better when a group of people that your getting to know get to meet your other half… or your best friend maybe if you’re not married.

As for my Halloween costume, I used a top that I made a few years back. It has an open back with a draped, loose back piece. It has a super hero like look, so I wore it with black shorts over black tights, and accessorized with a gold bullet belt and a full hair piece that I put in a ponytail. I don’t know what superhero I was… maybe black widow from The Avengers. My husband wore a black jacket and black pants that I made with a cape, hat and eye mask. And ta da.. he was Zorro! Spending money on costumes just seemed like an unnecessary thing this year.

This was the first week in Florida that you could really feel the season change. I love the feel of fall. It feels crisp and clean. A time for change, renewal and productivity. It also means the clothes get heavier and layering fun begins! My favorite!

Here are some outfits from the week!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope everyone is feeling as fresh as I am this week! Keep it progressive! πŸ˜‰

-A. Roze


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