Branding, Orlando aLive, Photo Shoot, Sewing & Painting! Weekly Update!

22 Nov

Ok so I didn’t have time to update last week, so this is for the last two weeks…and few days! : ) Let’s see where to begin…

So is there anyone who does not feel like time is absolutely flying? Monday was the start of a new term at school for me. The last term was so much fun! It was all about team building and communication. This term is about business branding, which I’m really excited about since I am in the middle of a total brand reformation. I’m really narrowing down my focus of the brand. I have always done my pieces with inspiration from vintage but with a modern, futuristic twist. But I never really promoted the brand as neo-vintage or retro-futurism… which it totally is. I think I just get very caught up in the design part of things and let the business side sort of just meander along behind the clothes. That’s why I’m so grateful to be at Full Sail University right now. I feel like I have to relearn things that I already know, and things that my husband has been telling me for years, and just be more organized about how I put things into practice. So I renamed my etsy shop Neo Vintage Clothing to make it easier for people to find me.

I also went with a few friends to the Orlando aLive event downtown at The Social, presented by Culture Climax last Monday. It was pretty dope since they had all my favorite things; fashion, art and hip hop. There was a great band there, Will Work For Good Music ( And the host Prote-J (Twitter:@Prote-J) was awesome. And of course, my favorite Orlando female rapper MyVerse ( There was also a young man there who performed- singing while playing his acoustic guitar. I cannot for the life of me remember his name, but I want to shout him out so bad… so if anyone knows who I’m talking about, leave it in a comment for me!!

Me and friends from school- Colette and Ruby at Orlando aLive!

They all were so amazing! It’s just nice to see that Orlando is full of great opportunities for independent artists to come together and have such an organized, talent-filled event. And of course the last note of the night was my husband on stage in the cypher! 🙂

I had a brief throwback moment last weekend and painted a tee with the symbol I used in the American Pain collection. It actually felt really good to paint something again. I gave the tee away to a friend of mine, so it was a great way to make a thoughtful gift at the same time : )

My husband in the tee I painted- also in a vest I made.

I also had a photoshoot last Sunday with photographer Alex Perez (, model Beatriz Silva and model Tony Foradini Campos. It was pretty much an all day shoot in a cute little park and neighborhood in downtown Orlando. I had Beatriz wear two of the outfits from my American Pain collection, one dress that used to be a gown, which at last minute I decided would look better as a short dress, and another dress that I ripped the collar and sleeves off of the night before. Sometimes you just have to go with your instinct!

We also shot one look on her that I did not design, but got to style for her. And the male model Tony was so funny, he just brought half of his closet in the back seat of his car, so I had much to play with…

One great thing about this shoot was that I really got back to my love of styling. I’m so used to doing shoots with clothing that I’ve made, which is wonderful, but they are things that I have spent tons of time with and know exactly how I want them to look. With styling the clothes that the models bring, its like opening up a ton of clothing you got for Christmas and deciding how you want the world to see them at the drop of a dime. Needless to say, I was like a kid in the candy store and had such a fun day! Photos soon!!

Anyway, there were a few other things I did this past week; thrift store hopping and treasure hunting at yard sales, which was a success. But I couldn’t find my camera for the longest time, which made it so I couldn’t take many pics, which goes for my outfits too… 😦 But I found it yesterday thank God, so I’m back on track!

I only captured one outfit this time before losing my camera lol, more next time!!

Side note before I forget: I have been going through photos of models in the Orlando area searching for 8 muses that I will use to design looks from every era from 1920-1990 to really validate my brand’s reform. When they are designed and made, I want to shoot the looks on the muses. I have prospects, but haven’t decided on the for sure ladies… Something to watch out for!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! We are not going home this year 😦 too much to do, but Christmas is right around the corner and we will get to see family then. Be fabulous and fresh this holiday- remember what it’s really all about!!

– A. Roze


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