Aris Blossom on Artist Management

20 Mar
Aris Blossom. President and Artist Manager at RPEG

Aris Blossom. President and Artist Manager at RPEG

When it comes to music artists, there are many aspects that MUST be done efficiently behind the scenes in order to keep the artist with a clear and focused mind to create. This is where an artist manager comes in. We caught up with Aris Blossom, President and Artist Manager at Rising Phoenix Entertainment Group (RPEG) with some questions about how she does what she does so well.

Me: Tell me a bit about yourself as a manager.

Aris: My name is Aris Blossom, I am the President and original founder of Rising Phoenix Entertainment Group (RPEG). Before I founded RPEG, I worked with various artists who were managed by other people, and assisted the artist in areas needed. However, Rising Phoenix Entertainment Group was founded on Sept 9th, 2010, so professionally, I have been managing artists for almost 3 years.

Me: Where do your duties start and stop? Do you find yourself mixing roles

Ya Za (@Ya_Za)

Ya Za (@Ya_Za)

Aris: That’s the thing with management; you can handle pretty much anything for an artist. But the majority of my duties include, acting as middle person between artist and promoter/venue, booking agent, etc. I also handle social media accounts for our artists (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and/or other sites significant to an artist). At the end of the day, I assist my clients with their professional business needs, and that varies according to the client.

Me: Do artists find you, or do you find artists?

Aris: Thus far, I have been blessed that the artists have sought me out to manage them.

Me: How far out (time wise) do you plan for clients?

Aris: Depends on the client. We have more established clients whose schedule is planned for the year and those who we go event by event, which can be either week to week, per month, or a few months in advance.

Me: How many clients do you work with at a time?

Aris: We currently have 6 clients. Fish Scales (Member of the 2x Grammy nominated quintet The Nappy Roots), Madd Illz (CEO of GrindTimeNow and established battle rapper), DII (Orlando based Hip Hop Artist), Marcus Jae (Orlando based R&B artist), Ya Za (Atlanta based Pop Artist), DJ Duffy (Oklahoma based DJ)

Fish Scales of Nappy Roots @fishscales

Fish Scales of Nappy Roots @fishscales

Me: What skills or experience from your background came in handy with artist management that you may not have expected? (Life, career, education)

Aris: I have always worked in customer service, and well, in this business people skills are very important. I also have a sales background. This comes in handy when you are “selling/pitching” an artist to a venue, label, or promoter. Anything you do in life prepares you for future situations and well….I have had one heck of a teacher. **laughs** The most important skill would have to be my gift of gab which enables me to network with all the right people.

Me: What are some deciding factors of whether or not you work with an artist?

Aris: The artist has to “make sense”. No one wants to hear from someone who sounds like someone else, so the artists I work with each have a unique sound. We also have to mesh well. We typically give our artists a 3-month trial, to learn each other, prior to signing a contract. We like to be a little family. And the music has to be something we (my partner and I agree on). We are also EXTREMELY big on an artist’s work ethic. Although we handle a lot of work for the artist we also like the artist to have strong work ethic.

Me: How are you able to balance your time as an artist manager and handle other projects?

Aris: I am thankful for my smartphone **laughs** without it I would be lost in this world. I keep a schedule book and keep track of my Facebook events. I know that sounds a ‘lil’ crazy but nowadays social media is very important in the entertainment business and well, keeps me up to date on a lot.

Me: Any major moves on the horizon or things we should look out for?

Aris: Fish Scales is on tour with his Nappy Roots fam, Madd Illz…..well we have something cooked up that can’t be disclosed yet, DII(pronounced D2) has started working with a band and is due to drop an EP hopefully by end of 2nd quarter, and Marcus Jae has an EP “Live, Love, Lust” dropping very soon as well. Everyone is working on various projects and performing at shows right now.

Madd Illz CEO of Grind Time Now  (@maddillz)

Madd Illz CEO of Grind Time Now (@maddillz)

Me: What is the most unexpected thing you’ve had to deal with as an artist manager?

Aris: Hmmmmm, to date nothing yet. But I am sure as soon as this interview comes out I may have one or two. **laughs** So far though things have been pretty smooth sailing. Which is a blessing.

Awesome information whether you’re an artist or artist manager! Show them some love and connect with the links provided!

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~A. Roze


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