From the Inside Out. DIY How to Dye Your Hair Pink and Purple

15 May

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I have been feeling a change in the air. Often times, solidifying a mental or spiritual change with a physical change is a great way to commemorate the occasion! [This is why makeovers do wonders for people’s self esteem!] It all starts on the inside though. The way you feel will always speak louder than the way you look. So make sure you never forget to take care of the inside too!


Anyway- I have had my hair a dark auburn/black cherry color for so long now. It had been a while since I colored and was definitely in need of an update. I have wanted to dabble into crazy colors like pink, purple or electric blue for a long time but always was a bit concerned with keeping a “professional” or “business appropriate” look. Plus I wasn’t in love with the idea of bleaching. But I’ve convinced myself that because of the creative nature of the industries I’m in –fashion and music- having interesting hair can only be a positive thing.

I heard the expression “the peacock effect” on a show a while back. It was a guy explaining to his friend how he wore a bright orange hat at the bar to stand out and make it a conversation icebreaker in hopes that women would stop and say “I like your hat”. A bit corny, but it actually works. I certainly did not do my hair this way for that reason, but it is something to consider if you are in an industry that requires you to stand out. Having a signature look, be it hair, style, a particular jacket, sunglasses or whatever is just good branding all around!

My original plan was to have my hair done professionally. However, being a college student running my own business forced me to rethink that decision. So I had to go with the alternative. Ultimately, I would recommend having this done professionally just for the convenience of not having to deal with it. But as an alternative, I am happy with my results!


#What I used:

-Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink for the roots and ends

-Manic Panic Purple Haze for everything in between

-Kaleidocolors tonal powder lightener. (Bleach) Violet. By Clairol Professional

-Ion Developer. 30 Volume

-Ion Repair Solutions. Effective Care Treatment (conditioner for after the color)

-Shower Cap/Plastic Bag



-Mixing Bowl

-Brush for Application (use your hands if you don’t have one)

-Old shirt you don’t mind staining


-Leave the color on overnight. Manic Panic is a vegan dye, so you can leave it on a long time without damaging. Wrap a towel over your shower cap/plastic bag and your good for the night!

-Put Vaseline around your forehead, hairline and neck area, even on wrists and forearms. It makes the dye that you get on your skin much easier to wipe off when you’re done.

-Blow dry for a few minutes while you have the dye in and wrapped up in the shower cap/plastic bag. The heat helps the color to set.

-I did a few streaks with just pink on the full length to get some highlights.

-For stains in your tub/bathroom, Mean Green Mildew Destroyer gets it right up!


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