Orlando MC Eturn on Women in Hip Hop, Underground vs. Mainstream, and her Upcoming Tour!

27 May


Recently I caught up with Eturn- the quickly uprising female mc, who has been creating an awesome buzz in Orlando’s hip hop scene as of late.

Her debut video for the single “Come Close” with DJ SPS was released last Tuesday. It completes the essence of the song by taking you on a mind bending tour of the contrast between mistrust in different aspects of life, while examining the issue of conformity in politics and in hip hop. I also took notice that in the video, she leaves the psychiatrist’s office the same way she went in, giving reassurance to trust your own instinct. Seeing the video moved me to reach out to her to discuss women in hip hop, the underground versus the mainstream, and what she has planned next.

We dive right in to discussing the image of women in hip hop. It’s hard not to bring up Nicki Minaj as an example in this case. She is a prime example of a woman using sex appeal in her music. This is a huge issue in hip hop today. Most people think that it is the fastest, easiest way for a female artist to gain exposure. And that may be true. But as Eturn and I discuss in the interview, the artist must consider not only how she wants to represent herself, but what image she will be stuck with, and what she is role modeling for the youth. Eturn says that ultimately she wants people to be able to see beyond image and appreciate her art first.

This takes us into the subject of being signed with a major label versus staying independent. Eturn says that she ideally wants to stay independent. Contrary to popular belief, getting signed does not mean you’ve made it. It means that you signed a very high interest loan with very strict terms and conditions. As she points out, being independent will make her the most money in the end, while allowing her to stay true to herself.

Finally, we discuss the recent KRS One show at which Eturn had the opportunity to jump in a cypher with the legend and show her skills on the mic. As many problems as there were with the show; mic feedback, location, promotion, etc, this was still an awesome night which I was grateful to experience! KRS rocked the crowd and was starting cyphers near the end of his performance. It was tough to get to the mic, but Eturn made her way through and held it down with an exceptional flow and energy that captured the room.


The next move for Eturn is a West Coast tour with her group Beautiful Chorus (oh yea, she’s a singer as well!) while doing a mini tour for herself along the way. You can find all the details on her site www.eturnmusic.com

I am so excited to see what comes next for Eturn. She is a prime example of passion and dedication paying off- no compromising necessary! Get it girl, we’ll be watching!


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