Growth in Life and Wardrobe

19 Aug

This weekend was a milestone in my life. My husband turned 30 and we celebrated 10 years since we met in person for the first time. These 2 important events have got me to thinking about how we evolve our personalities as we grow. This evolution usually relates to the public through your wardrobe. I often discuss the fact that you dress on the outside the way you feel on the inside, but the opposite is also true. To make yourself feel a certain way, you can dress your way to that feeling. Clothing yourself is a very psychological process that can show you to yourself, just as much as it reveals your personality to others.

front and back

My husband asked me to make him a vest for his birthday. He said “I feel like a lion lately.” So he wanted a lion on the back of his vest and a cross on the front. 2 days later, his prestigious lion vest was done. He put it on and instantly his posture and attitude changed. He said he felt like it represented the moment for him. He felt like the vest showed wisdom and strength, which in turn added to the internal feeling that he had about himself.

When he wore the vest at his birthday party, everyone loved it and one guest even commented that the lion looked like him. Whether it looked like him aesthetically or not doesn’t matter, but the fact that someone felt that it did shows that not only did he wear the vest, but he wore the feeling that it gave him as well.

As we grow through the different stages in our lives, change is to be expected. When you get stuck somewhere you are not comfortable, try changing your look to match how you want to feel. At the very least, you will feel refreshed and be on the path to making a happier, more self assured you.


front close up

close up


Always evolve progressively and never be afraid to let your wardrobe validate it!



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