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What is Vintage? What is Retro? Style Why’s Answers!

27 Jan

What is considered truly vintage is highly debated. As a general rule, an item is considered vintage when it is older than 20 years. That’s right, currently anything from 1994 or before is considered vintage.

So what is retro? Retro by definition is involving, relating to, or reminiscent of things past; retrospective. But in fashion, we use it to define pieces from the 1950’s, 1960’s or 1970’s. This may also include items made to look like they are from that time period, but are actually modern.

I adore vintage clothing. Having a piece of history that you not only get to own, but wear and make part of the representation of your own personality is a wonderful feeling. The old saying “they don’t make ’em like they used to” applies very much to the fashion industry. Take a look at the construction of a gown from the 1940’s or a jacket from the 1960’s. Most pieces will look and feel surprisingly different in more ways than one.

Check out my video below, going a little more in depth on the topic, and be sure to subscribe to my channel! I will be posting videos VERY soon detailing vintage pieces from my own closet that I will be selling in my eBay store. Check out my current inventory here.Β Also, ask away with your style Q’s, I would love to help with your Style Why’s!!

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