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The Spring Pastel Trend! Plus- How to wear a Men’s hat!

22 Mar

hat 1One of my favorite Spring 2014 trends is the pastel colors! You can mix and match them with bolder colors and have a ton of fun with it! Cobalt blue is another hot color for Spring, holding on from last season- which I LOVE! I cannot get enough of cobalt blue!! Especially paired with gold, I just love it! So rich and vibrant!  Continue reading


How to Make a Custom T Shirt! Painted T Shirt Made Easy DIY!

17 Mar

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 12.02.14 PM

What you will Need:

Iron and Ironing Board

Aluminum Foil

Freezer Paper

Exacto Knife


Fabric Paint

Sponge Brush


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How to Make Skinny Jeans from Flared, Wide Leg or Boot Cut Jeans! DIY

8 Mar


Am I the only one who has TONS wide leg, flare and boot cut jeans piled in the closet because they are too nice to get rid of, but never wear them because all I want to put on is skinnies?! I have been slowly turning all my wider leg jeans into skinny jeans. They feel brand new and I feel refreshed, so I felt compelled to share how I do it. Perfect easy DIY project! Enjoy!

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How to dye your hair pink! The pink hair that changed my life!

5 Mar

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 5.30.39 PM

In the last year of college when I was almost done with my master’s degree, I decided I wanted pink/purple hair. So I did it! I felt great! Like the spark of life on the inside was shown on the outside. Being a fashion designer/stylist, crazy cuts and colors are something that I see all the time, even if just within the industry. So I felt like I found something that was sort of a happy medium between the professional world and the creative world. I mean, red is a natural color.. and pink is only a few shades off from that right? Well, apparently not to everyone!

The video is detailing how I got the color, read on for how it changed my life!

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Who created the BodyCon Dress? An Interesting History of the Body Conscious Style

4 Mar

bodycon coral

The Body con dress. It has become a go to look for a night out. But where did it originate? Who created the look of the body con? This question sent me on a study that went beyond my expectations. For the short version, watch the video. For all the juicy details of the origins of this “body conscious” silhouette, read on!

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My Top 3 Oscar Favorites! Oscar’s 2014 Fashion

3 Mar

Let me just say first of all that, fashion, like any other art form is a matter of opinion. Don’t you hate when people feel entitled to tear others down and make judgement calls on someone else’s style? Well, it’s Oscar season, so being that there is way too much of that going around, no best and worst found here. Only positivity and praise for the 3 dresses that I found most wonderful at last night’s Academy Awards.

In no particular order:

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