How to Make Skinny Jeans from Flared, Wide Leg or Boot Cut Jeans! DIY

8 Mar


Am I the only one who has TONS wide leg, flare and boot cut jeans piled in the closet because they are too nice to get rid of, but never wear them because all I want to put on is skinnies?! I have been slowly turning all my wider leg jeans into skinny jeans. They feel brand new and I feel refreshed, so I felt compelled to share how I do it. Perfect easy DIY project! Enjoy!

What you will need:

Sewing machine

Serger or overlock machine (Optional) If you don’t have one, use the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine.

Scissors (I use Ginger)

Matching thread (Denim Thread is good, I use Gutermann polyester thread in the video)

Seam ripper

Measuring tape


Jeans you want to alter (best if they have some stretch in them.)

Skinny Jeans you like the fit of.


-Start with jeans that have stretch! You can do this with non- stretchy jeans, but they will be much more comfortable than those that don’t.

-If you don’t have a serger and can’t figure out the zigzag stitch, just go over your seam a couple times to reinforce it. You definitely don’t want the seam splitting on you at an inconvenient moment!

Let me know if you have any questions or have suggestions on what I should do next!

Post a pic and hashtag #StyleWhys on IG, FB or Twitter if you do this project, I would love to see how yours came out!




3 Responses to “How to Make Skinny Jeans from Flared, Wide Leg or Boot Cut Jeans! DIY”

  1. fashionwomen21 March 21, 2014 at 11:03 am #

    Thank your guide! I will try to turn my bootcut jeans for women into skinny jeans, but I am wondering it’s successful or not?


    • A. Roze March 22, 2014 at 11:10 am #

      It should be! I have done a ton of jeans with this method! Again- jeans with stretch in them are much more comfy to wear as skinnies than those without!



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    […] couple weeks ago, I showed you how to turn your boot leg and wide leg jeans into skinny jeans. I mentioned that its best if the jeans have stretch in them, since that will be most comfortable. […]


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