How to Make a Custom T Shirt! Painted T Shirt Made Easy DIY!

17 Mar

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 12.02.14 PM

What you will Need:

Iron and Ironing Board

Aluminum Foil

Freezer Paper

Exacto Knife


Fabric Paint

Sponge Brush


1. Draw out your design on the paper side of a sheet of freezer paper. It is easier if it is something without a ton of details and lines that are close together. It is possible to do an intricate design, but I would start with something more simple.

2. Cut out your design with your Exacto knife. Save the pieces that have “insides” like the number 8 has two inside circles that I will need to use later on.

3. Iron your stencil onto your T shirt. Make sure you have smoothed out any wrinkles in the shirt and that the stencil is lined up and placed how you want it, plastic coated side down. I use the second to the highest setting on my iron, with no steam. Hold down each press for about 10 seconds. If you have any “inside” pieces, use the “outside” pieces to find their correct placement, as I demonstrated with the number 9 in the video. Make sure all the edges of the paper are securely stuck to the fabric. Slip some aluminum foil inside the shirt. Make sure it is completely under the entire design. Smooth out any crinkles.

5. Paint! Squeeze the fabric paint onto your design. It is ok if it gets on the paper, it will not go through to the other side. Use your sponge brush in an up and down motion. Going back and forth will eventually cause the paper to separate from the fabric slightly and ruin your chances of clean edges. You can cover the design completely with paint, or give it some texture like I did in the video, and leave some of the T shirt showing through for a nice painted look. Let it dry for at least an hour. Use a hair dryer for quicker drying time.

6. Reveal! Double check that all areas of the design are dry. Peel off the freezer paper. Don’t forget any little pieces, like the ones that may be inside letters.

7. Wear it! That’s it! You are ready to wear your custom painted T shirt! You can wash and dry this just fine, fabric paint will stay put!

*Tip* You can also use the pieces of freezer paper you cut out as an inverted stencil on another shirt! Just follow all the same steps and paint around the stencil! After it dries and you peel the paper, you could paint on the empty space where the paper was and have the perfect outline guiding you!

Get creative! If you try this, be sure to hashtag #StyleWhys on IG, FB, Twitter or Pinterest so I can see your designs!!

Til’ next time!

~A. Roze


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