5 Ways to Customize Your Product. Wow Your Clients!

21 Aug

5 ways to customize your product

Presentation means everything, no matter what business you’re in! Below I’ve outlined some of my key ingredients in a successful presentation of a custom gown to a private client.

1. Find out what your customer really wants.

No matter the product, you may run into clients that know (or think they know) exactly what they want. Intentional or otherwise, it may feel like they just want to use your skill, and not your creative expertise. In the end however, you are the one that will be held accountable for how the product turns out. Keeping this in mind, the best way to start is by having a sit down consultation with the client. Have a list of questions ready. Come up with the questions beforehand that hone in on the direction of their vision. Gain insight on how they want to feel about this product and/or how they want it to make them feel. Be honest about what you can and cannot do. Be honest about pricing. If the requests increase, let them know right away the costs that will be incurred.

Having clients that basically give you free reign over a design idea is always a pleasure! Ronisha came to me in need of a reception dress that would flatter her figure, while also showing her sophistication as a newlywed.

2. Give them your input as an expert and come up with a vision that meets the clients requirements and has your personal touch.

I came up with the sketch below. Ivory stretch satin with Swarovski crystals adorning her from the neckline, all the way down the front of the dress in flattering V shapes. The satin hugging her curves, while ivory chiffon peaks out at her shoulders and neckline. Ivory chiffon drapes down the back in a double layer, while a single fan pleated layer subtly shows off her legs in the front.

Lucky for me, Ronisha loved this sketch and gave me the ok to go ahead and get started. Sometimes, it may take some revising, or even coming up with a new concept entirely. Just make sure they are happy before going past this step.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 5.20.13 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 11.36.44 PM


Ronisha framed 8x10

2014-04-14 19.36.22


2014-04-18 04.33.05

3. Add a surprise element.

I always like to add a personal touch for my private clients. The sketch of her dress framed and presented with her special date on it was the icing on the cake. Topping it off with a personal note on the back of the frame (sealed with laminate) is a great way to let your client know just how much you appreciate them! Yes- these steps will cost you a few extra dollars- but these are the things that separate us artisans from the big box retailers! I always advocate old fashioned customer service!

2014-04-18 17.10.03

“It was set that I was to marry on April 19th 2014. Though I had already picked out my wedding gown for the actual ceremony, 
I wanted to have something a little different for after the ceremony. A dress that would be one of a kind… One that would awe the audience. So I took it upon myself to ask Anna, a dear friend of mine, if she would do me the honor of making the 2nd dress for me to change into Seeing that she had already done some other pieces that I had just fell in love with, I knew that I had come to the right person. I explained to her that I wanted something sexy but elegant at the same time. Anna assured me that yes she could do the dress and promised I would not be disappointed with the finished product. Shortly after our first meeting she began to do what she loves to do and off to work she went…. To sum things up I must say, but you probably already know, that I loved the way the dress turned out!!! It was amazing!!! I received so many compliments. But most importantly not only did I feel elegant in the dress but I also felt sexy as well. I received just what I asked for and more!!! Thank you Anna for making my special day even more special by incorporating the Areli Sinclair touch into my day- I am forever grateful. I promise this won’t be the last dress you make for me, I shall return!! 😄” ~Ronisha Givler

I also had the pleasure of creating this dress for the junior bride, Justice. What a pretty young girl! I wanted to keep her dress simple and age appropriate, with some fun youthful elements. Using stretch satin, I came up with a full length gown in a slight mermaid shape, with triple layered flounce sleeves in an iridescent matching chiffon. There is also a layer of chiffon over the skirt, or bottom half, of the dress. Topping it off with a sash belt made from the same chiffon.


Note to self: No detachable accessories for younger clients! Having the belt attached to the dress would have encouraged it to stay on I’m sure lol! I still love how the dress looks on her! Perfect fit and definitely a sweet age appropriate look.

2014-04-19 20.54.49 2014-04-18 02.36.082014-04-08 22.50.26 2014-04-08 21.54.50 HDR

4. Personalized packaging. Go the extra mile for your clients.

I forgot to take photos of the inside, but where you would normally see a tag in a garment, I hand embroidered my logo along with the girls’ names.

Customizing the garment bags with names and sketches, and of course, the Areli Sinclair logo, adds to the experience of custom clothing for the clients! It gives them something that is practical as well as personal, and reflects Areli Sinclair’s appreciation!

2014-04-18 04.02.012014-04-18 04.01.54

5. Contact information.

After creating a beautiful product and a wonderful experience, making it easy for your client to tell their friends about you and how they can find you, is very important. Ensure that it is an easy decision and process to come back for more!

The things that are most tedious will be the most satisfying in the end! All of the custom printing and packaging I do on my own. Remember that word of mouth is always the BEST form of marketing when it comes down to it! So treat people great and it will always come back to you!

Have any cool ideas on packaging or making a custom experience even better? Let me know in the comments, I love getting new ideas!




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