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Why are you here?

17 Nov


Meta Chyle

Hello to everyone!!!

This is my first blog and I’m very happy to get into this world of sharing ideas.

While thinking of a topic to write about, one just seemed to keep showing up everywhere around me.

Why are we here? What is the purpose? Is there even a reason for our existence? First off, I’ll never hide the fact that I am a Christian. And before you get all Family Guy on me, calling me stupid because of my belief, ask yourself when has it been open minded to judge someone’s belief, and call them stupid because of their faith? I don’t blame anybody for doing that because the mainstream media has us all “debating” our beliefs in ways that are destructive to us all. We all have triggers and they know how to pull them. You will see after this blog, getting us to debate our beliefs in…

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Styling a Hip Hop Period Piece. BTS of Planet Asia’s Music Video “Mystique”

3 Nov

I LOVE period pieces! I also LOVE hip hop! This music video was an awesome collaboration of seemingly different worlds. And yet it all flows very cleanly. I’m very happy to have worked on the wardrobe, and with some awesome people!

When Varras Tower (the director) approached me about this project, he initially asked about making the costumes from scratch. Of course my immediate concern was time and budget. A period piece set in the 1890s requires a lot of attention to detail on the wardrobe. We were faced with the dilemma of having looks that were authentic to the period, but still in budget and fitting to Varras’ vision. We decided on an original Victorian look with a pinch of goth and a dash of steampunk. The game plan being to purchase and rent reproduction costumes, mixed with some vintage items that I had in my collection, and a few of my hand made accessories to complete the looks.

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