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5 Ways to Customize Your Product. Wow Your Clients!

21 Aug

5 ways to customize your product

Presentation means everything, no matter what business you’re in! Below I’ve outlined some of my key ingredients in a successful presentation of a custom gown to a private client.

1. Find out what your customer really wants.

No matter the product, you may run into clients that know (or think they know) exactly what they want. Intentional or otherwise, it may feel like they just want to use your skill, and not your creative expertise. In the end however, you are the one that will be held accountable for how the product turns out. Keeping this in mind, the best way to start is by having a sit down consultation with the client. Have a list of questions ready. Come up with the questions beforehand that hone in on the direction of their vision. Gain insight on how they want to feel about this product and/or how they want it to make them feel. Be honest about what you can and cannot do. Be honest about pricing. If the requests increase, let them know right away the costs that will be incurred.

Having clients that basically give you free reign over a design idea is always a pleasure! Ronisha came to me in need of a reception dress that would flatter her figure, while also showing her sophistication as a newlywed.

2. Give them your input as an expert and come up with a vision that meets the clients requirements and has your personal touch.

I came up with the sketch below. Ivory stretch satin with Swarovski crystals adorning her from the neckline, all the way down the front of the dress in flattering V shapes. The satin hugging her curves, while ivory chiffon peaks out at her shoulders and neckline. Ivory chiffon drapes down the back in a double layer, while a single fan pleated layer subtly shows off her legs in the front.

Lucky for me, Ronisha loved this sketch and gave me the ok to go ahead and get started. Sometimes, it may take some revising, or even coming up with a new concept entirely. Just make sure they are happy before going past this step.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 5.20.13 PM

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Graduation! √ – Master’s degree. Movin’ Right Along…

7 Sep

It’s time to get real. Not that I haven’t been for the past four years, but working on a Bachelor’s, then Master’s degree has been one of the main focuses for some time now. And since I officially graduated on Friday, September 6th, much of my focus will now be directed toward caring for and expanding the Areli Sinclair clothing line.


School can be rough on a business. It takes a lot of time that would normally be dedicated to projects and operations. Thankfully, Full Sail University takes great consideration of their Entertainment Business Master’s students. Many of our assignments were things that I could use for my business in real time and would have been doing on my own anyway. What can I say, I was able to write my own professional, realistic, thirty something page business plan by the end of it, and get so many great insights from instructors on everything from how to pitch it to investors, down to how to deal with employees on a day to day basis.

I met so many wonderful people- many connections that I know will never be broken. Finding people who have similar values and passions is priceless, expecially in the art industries.

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 6.24.26 PM

Now I am ready to take on the  “real” world and show them all I’ve got! I’ve molded my brand to perfection. Little did I know, it was molding me all the while. Personal situations that arose while in both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees all ended up becoming part of my brand story and a foundation for my life and my clothing line.

Your early 20’s are a funny time in life. You’re more mature than a teenager, but just coming into adulthood and finding out what life’s all about. Most times, it shows up with a slap in the face. I won’t hesitate to tell you that that is how it was for me. But there comes a point when you begin to realize that all those bumps in the road are there for a reason. This is the way growth happens. True happiness forms when we learn to appreciate all aspects of life, not just the good times.

In the end, I am so elated that I decided to go to school… and then back again. Many people didn’t, and still don’t understand my decisions. But that’s ok. Your life is your own, and living it to make the best “you” will end up being the best for everyone.

Onward and upward my loves… let’s see where the wind takes me from here 😉

~A. Roze

The Word: WOMAN. [Happy Mother’s Day!]

10 May

me in LOT teeMy posts have been all business lately, but since Mother’s Day is around the corner, I think it’s time for an update on my personal journey. : )

I used to post more about where I was emotionally since my daughter Areli passed. I guess I can share a little on that since it has been long enough at this point. Last time I really shared about her was about a year ago on this blog. I stopped posting about Areli, as I thought that might be appropriate. But really it lead me to a period last year of what I guess some would call depression or repression. I felt like I was supposed to be over my grieving period at the beginning of last year since it had been about 6 months since Areli passed. And I felt like I was. Or like I was at least ok. But in the back of my mind I would think about her all the time. I’d think about how old she would be now, what I would be teaching her, or how different our lives would be with her. At times I felt like I wasn’t working hard enough, I’d think that maybe I didn’t deserve her. I wouldn’t voice what I was feeling because I thought people would just think I was feeling sorry for myself, or that I would just intensify the feelings I was having. It got to the point that I was living in my head so much about it, that the thoughts started to affect other areas of my life. Not being able to talk about what was on my subconscious mind made my conscious mind think that I didn’t even know myself anymore. This sounds odd, I know. But I’m so glad I’m able to realistically analyze everything at this point- because at the time, I was really confusing myself with this stuff.

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Aris Blossom on Artist Management

20 Mar
Aris Blossom. President and Artist Manager at RPEG

Aris Blossom. President and Artist Manager at RPEG

When it comes to music artists, there are many aspects that MUST be done efficiently behind the scenes in order to keep the artist with a clear and focused mind to create. This is where an artist manager comes in. We caught up with Aris Blossom, President and Artist Manager at Rising Phoenix Entertainment Group (RPEG) with some questions about how she does what she does so well.

Me: Tell me a bit about yourself as a manager.

Aris: My name is Aris Blossom, I am the President and original founder of Rising Phoenix Entertainment Group (RPEG). Before I founded RPEG, I worked with various artists who were managed by other people, and assisted the artist in areas needed. However, Rising Phoenix Entertainment Group was founded on Sept 9th, 2010, so professionally, I have been managing artists for almost 3 years.

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Weekly Recap Photo Shoot, Halloween & Fall

4 Nov

This week has been so much fun!

I had a photoshoot last sunday with Edz Antoine (http://www.edz01.com), which was so awesome! He already had an idea and concept for what he wanted to do and asked me to bring 2 specific dresses. The studio he rented was near downtown Orlando. We worked with Christelsie Johnson- MUA and Lori Livingston- model. What an amazing team! Here are a few photos from the shoot!

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My 2012 Thus Far:

12 Feb

Other than finishing up school, I have a new Areli Sinclair Spring collection called Moments of Truth. All about the matador inside of all women. With this collection, it was very important to me to tap into what women go through every day. Even the women who look the toughest aren’t always feeling so confident on the inside. Especially when we have important things going on. Each day of a women’s life can be life changing. The deciding factor of whether it is or not has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves. How we feel we are perceived. I know that when I have an important day ahead of me that I might be feeling a bit anxious about, it makes me feel so much better when I have the perfect outfit picked out, hanging up and ready to go. I put my shoes and any accessories next to it that I have tried on and switched around 10 times. Having my image settled ahead of time lifts my spirit. It gives me the extra boost of confidence and motivation to tackle whatever it is I might be facing that day. With this collection, I made pieces that will easily do just that. I wanted to make clothes that I know I would appreciate myself. Things that can go from day to night.. from work to a date. Clothes that have special details. Elements that let you know there was thought and time put into it. Clothes that make you feel like everyone in the room can see your confidence and personality before you even say a word.

I’ve leaked a few teaser photos on facebook. I did an awesome photo shoot with a great team! Photography was done by Rene Ferrer and Charles Howse. Models were Nadia Timol, Courtney Slayton, Tatiana Kuzmina and myself. I certainly was not planning on modeling at this shoot. I do enjoy it, but I just wanted to stay behind the camera for this one. It just so happened that 2 of the models had to leave early that day, which left yours truly to fill the position. I think it turned out great anyway! Hair and makeup was done by True U, LLC. With hair assistant Katrina Ellis. Another crazy thing happened that day that nearly gave me a heart attack.. We were shooting in a area that was basically an abandoned set of buildings. Two of the girls had to use the restroom. They found that one of the buildings doors were open. They came back out as there was no bathroom inside and went on to look for one. I was just excited about the fact that we found a place to change inside instead of ducking behind a hidden corner of the buildings. So I took some of the clothes in the building as I was preparing to change. I went back outside to grab my shoes. I came back to the door only to find it had bolted shut, with my clothes inside! Not just any clothes either.. one of my main pieces which I had spent hours hand embroidering. The only hope I had was to call the number of the realtor on the poster in the window and hope that they might call back the next day, as it was a Sunday afternoon. Devastated, I attempted to press on and figure out what we might wear next instead. But my enthusiasm was gone. I was so distraught over the thought of not getting to shoot that outfit after planning and prepping for the shoot for over a month. And then he appeared… a construction guy came to the door looking at us like we were crazy waving him down frantically, looking probably quite strange to him in our high fashion hair and makeup! He kindly opened the door for us. He stated that we were lucky considering that no one is ever in the building and that they just so happened to be there fixing something that day. After that relief, my spirits were again lifted and we continued shooting. It was a long day, but worth every bit of stress! The photos came out beautifully and I was so glad to have worked with such a great team!

Four of the outfits from the collection are currently on display at the IADT campus! They will also be shown at Orlando Fashion week (along with a few other surprises) and at the Imagine fashion show!

As far as how I’ve been doing emotionally.. things are good. I think of Areli every day. And there are certain triggers that really send me to particularly heavy moments. Like in a movie when a mother loses her child. Or when I inadvertently put my hand or arm on my waist a certain way. But there are also things that bring smiles. Like when something goes well, I remember that I have the most beautiful angel watching out for me.

I got the logo done for the Areli Sinclair women’s line. The symbol is sort of an abstract angel. I actually drew it for an embroidery design on one of the jackets in the Moments of Truth collection. After looking at it for a while I noticed that it looked like an angel. I fell more in love with the design the more I looked at it and thought about what it meant to me. I also loved the fact that if you didn’t know the story, it just looks like a simple, elegant design. I also did new business cards and flyers- which I’m quite proud of! Photoshop has turned from an enemy to a great friend!

Not much else has been happening.. we unfortunately didn’t go home for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years, since I had such a huge amount of schoolwork, among other things. My husband and I had our 6 year anniversary January 17th! I’m so happy to still be with my best friend. Through it all, he’s the only one who has been there for the best and the worst. I’m also getting ready to work on prom dresses for two beautiful young ladies! I’m very excited about it and can’t wait to get started!

My husband and I back in 2004!

Attempting to keep this update short turned out to be just that.. an attempt. But hey, it’s been a while and I left a lot out for time sake- which is also why I did a separate blog for my college thoughts. I will try my best to be updating more frequently now that I’m out of school and will be focusing more on my career. Keep up my friends, it’s all or nothing from here on in!!!
~A. Rozier

Inside Info on One of Our Favorite Business Tools! Score Big With SCORE!

27 May

Take control of your business and your life! Here is one of the greatest assets available to entrepreneurs and small businesses. And don’t underestimate the term ‘small business’. This tool is the real deal designed to take you to the next level. These two videos illustrate what SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Engineers) has to offer. Keep in mind that everything they do is FREE! Workshops, mentoring, and great information are at your fingertips. This site has really helped me in getting my business on track with great advice and step by step instruction. You have to love your business first before it will love you back!! So if your just starting, or your existing business needs some refresher courses, don’t hesitate another second to go to http://www.score.org! Hope this inspires and empowers! [Be sure to watch part 2 full screen so you can see the tutorial!]
~A. Rozier:

::Part 1::

::Part 2::

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