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Graduation! √ – Master’s degree. Movin’ Right Along…

7 Sep

It’s time to get real. Not that I haven’t been for the past four years, but working on a Bachelor’s, then Master’s degree has been one of the main focuses for some time now. And since I officially graduated on Friday, September 6th, much of my focus will now be directed toward caring for and expanding the Areli Sinclair clothing line.


School can be rough on a business. It takes a lot of time that would normally be dedicated to projects and operations. Thankfully, Full Sail University takes great consideration of their Entertainment Business Master’s students. Many of our assignments were things that I could use for my business in real time and would have been doing on my own anyway. What can I say, I was able to write my own professional, realistic, thirty something page business plan by the end of it, and get so many great insights from instructors on everything from how to pitch it to investors, down to how to deal with employees on a day to day basis.

I met so many wonderful people- many connections that I know will never be broken. Finding people who have similar values and passions is priceless, expecially in the art industries.

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 6.24.26 PM

Now I am ready to take on the  “real” world and show them all I’ve got! I’ve molded my brand to perfection. Little did I know, it was molding me all the while. Personal situations that arose while in both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees all ended up becoming part of my brand story and a foundation for my life and my clothing line.

Your early 20’s are a funny time in life. You’re more mature than a teenager, but just coming into adulthood and finding out what life’s all about. Most times, it shows up with a slap in the face. I won’t hesitate to tell you that that is how it was for me. But there comes a point when you begin to realize that all those bumps in the road are there for a reason. This is the way growth happens. True happiness forms when we learn to appreciate all aspects of life, not just the good times.

In the end, I am so elated that I decided to go to school… and then back again. Many people didn’t, and still don’t understand my decisions. But that’s ok. Your life is your own, and living it to make the best “you” will end up being the best for everyone.

Onward and upward my loves… let’s see where the wind takes me from here 😉

~A. Roze


How to Balance Finances as an Entrepreneur. Bboy Spot’s Mex breaks it down.

5 Feb


For a recent project in my Finance class in my Master’s program at Full Sail University, I interviewed David “Mexone” Alvarado, henceforth referred to as Mex. He is the founder of The Bboy Spot, B&B Printing and Biggest & Baddest clothing in Orlando, FL. His three businesses are run seamlessly as a unit, piggy backing off of each other creating a culture and community of hip hop.

I chose to interview Mex after visiting The Bboy Spot January 19th for a live broadcast of the local radio show, OUR Show 91.5 (www.itsourshow.net). I was extremely impressed with the venue, the culture and sense of unity that I found there. I was also taken by the fact that someone else was doing something very close to what my husband and I have wanted to do with our businesses, as far as the collaboration of fashion and music. It was very refreshing to find a place that has kept the values and traditions of hip hop, even with the major mainstream turn the industry has taken within the last five years or so. Continue reading for a fresh perspective on entrepreneurial finance.


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Weekly Recap: Small Business Saturday, Photo Shoot

1 Dec

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend! I also hope that you took advantage of Small Business Saturday, not just the ever-popular Black Friday. I held a sale on my website over the weekend, offering 50% off of everything in the shop (www.etsy.com/shop/arelisinclair). I was so happy to sell some of my more recent items to some dear clients of mine. It really motivates me to keep creating and staying on my toes when it comes to designing. 

FB sale Banner

I mentioned last week that I had just done a shoot with Alex G. Perez, an Orlando photographer. I have received a few photos back, so take a peak! The clothes on her are from the Areli Sinclair line (www.etsy.com/shop/arelisinclair), and the clothes on him are his, styled by me.  Models: Beatriz Silva and Tony Foradini Campos.


So after a busy weekend of promoting and selling, I had a lot of shipping to do this week, which felt really nice. Sending my babies out to meet their new homes is always a bittersweet feeling. But it makes me feel like I’m fulfilling a purpose- not only in my life, but in my clients as well.

shipping 2

This week has been so long, yet so short. The days feel like they are running together. But it’s a good thing. Up at 7am for class, up ‘til 2am posting, promoting and trying to get a handle on my business and finish homework. Even with all that I still feel like there are not enough hours in the day. One thing that the class I’m in right now has been great about is helping me narrow my focus. Getting the brand together feels so great 🙂 

shipping 1

A few other cool things going on:: my husband and I are working on a new track called Echoes… will post it when its done. Also, I got a surprise today when I found out my grade from my last class is an A+!!!! And I also got to finally meet photographer Melissa Drewry (https://www.facebook.com/Melissa.L.Drewry) today! She is going to Paris tomorrow and asked if she could borrow a few garments to shoot while she is there. How cool is that! Just wish I could be there to be a part of it! So excited to see the outcome! : )

Busy weekend ahead of me! I have a big project about my business model due on Monday. I will also be working on a custom New Year’s Eve dress for a special order. Speaking of- have you thought about what you’re wearing for NYE?! To be honest, I haven’t, but should lol. Can you believe its almost 2013!

Here are a few outfits from the week:

Have a great weekend loves!

~A. Roze

Branding, Orlando aLive, Photo Shoot, Sewing & Painting! Weekly Update!

22 Nov

Ok so I didn’t have time to update last week, so this is for the last two weeks…and few days! : ) Let’s see where to begin…

So is there anyone who does not feel like time is absolutely flying? Monday was the start of a new term at school for me. The last term was so much fun! It was all about team building and communication. This term is about business branding, which I’m really excited about since I am in the middle of a total brand reformation. I’m really narrowing down my focus of the brand. I have always done my pieces with inspiration from vintage but with a modern, futuristic twist. But I never really promoted the brand as neo-vintage or retro-futurism… which it totally is. I think I just get very caught up in the design part of things and let the business side sort of just meander along behind the clothes. That’s why I’m so grateful to be at Full Sail University right now. I feel like I have to relearn things that I already know, and things that my husband has been telling me for years, and just be more organized about how I put things into practice. So I renamed my etsy shop Neo Vintage Clothing to make it easier for people to find me. www.etsy.com/shop/neovintageclothing

I also went with a few friends to the Orlando aLive event downtown at The Social, presented by Culture Climax last Monday. It was pretty dope since they had all my favorite things; fashion, art and hip hop. There was a great band there, Will Work For Good Music (www.willworkforgoodmusic.com). And the host Prote-J (Twitter:@Prote-J) was awesome. And of course, my favorite Orlando female rapper MyVerse (https://www.facebook.com/MYVERSE). There was also a young man there who performed- singing while playing his acoustic guitar. I cannot for the life of me remember his name, but I want to shout him out so bad… so if anyone knows who I’m talking about, leave it in a comment for me!!

Me and friends from school- Colette and Ruby at Orlando aLive!

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Weekly Recap Photo Shoot, Halloween & Fall

4 Nov

This week has been so much fun!

I had a photoshoot last sunday with Edz Antoine (http://www.edz01.com), which was so awesome! He already had an idea and concept for what he wanted to do and asked me to bring 2 specific dresses. The studio he rented was near downtown Orlando. We worked with Christelsie Johnson- MUA and Lori Livingston- model. What an amazing team! Here are a few photos from the shoot!

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Weekly Recap School and…. clothes!

29 Oct

This week past week was the start of a new term at school. Time is just flying!! I am loving Full Sail University so far. The teaching style is right on target and my fellow students are cool too!
Other than school I had a few fun adventures, when to south Florida last weekend, saw family for the first time in about a year and a half!! I went to the Enzian Theater for the first time, which is a local independent theater. I also go free tickets to go back! How cool! Then I got to go see Johnny Cupcakes give a branding seminar, which was fun and informative.
And then today I closed the week with a photo shoot featuring my designs with an amazing team. I cannot wait to see photos!!!
So I just wanted to post a few of my outfits from this past week, which I will try to continue to do every Sunday!
I haven’t decided what we are doing for Halloween yet… to dress up or not to dress up… hhmmm… Well, You’ll find out next week! And sooner than that if you follow me on FB or Twitter! Facebook.com/arozier or Twitter: @arozierdesigns
Have a fun Halloween everyone! Enjoy!

Should I go back to School? Forever Learning

28 Jul

So after all my complaints and figuring out what college is really all about, what could possibly possess me to go back? Well, a many number of things, but most importantly the fact that every college is not the same. No one learns the same way. But it isn’t best for anyone to be taught ‘at’. Finding a school that is interactive and respects different learning styles is extremely important. Quite honestly, you need to work the system. And by work, I don’t mean cheat. I mean take complete advantage of every resource that is presented to you in college. That’s what you’re really paying for. In college, you are constantly in an opportunistic position. There’s always someone around you can talk to for advice, be it student or instructor, great equipment to use, books, information, databases, etc. The students that take advantage of the perks are usually the ones who go the furthest. I’ve stated in my previous thoughts on college that my conclusion was that ‘what you put in, you will get out’. And that statement is what I will be reminding myself of everyday that I’m attending school for the next year.


I decided to go to Full Sail for my Master’s of Science in Entertainment Business. Coming from an art school with my BFA in Fashion Design and Merchandising, I felt like I was still lacking in really being able to pin down my business strategies. I don’t want to be prepared for a ‘job’ or to just ‘fill a slot’, but to excel, to innovate, to lead. This, plus one other major factor really lead me to this degree. When the time is right, I’ll post about the other reason! 😉

I hope this post helps anyone I may have discouraged about college in the past, which wasn’t my intention. However, it is still wise to really evaluate your situation before diving into anything, be it college or any other endeavor. Just don’t let fear be your deciding factor!

~A. Roze

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