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5 Ways to Customize Your Product. Wow Your Clients!

21 Aug

5 ways to customize your product

Presentation means everything, no matter what business you’re in! Below I’ve outlined some of my key ingredients in a successful presentation of a custom gown to a private client.

1. Find out what your customer really wants.

No matter the product, you may run into clients that know (or think they know) exactly what they want. Intentional or otherwise, it may feel like they just want to use your skill, and not your creative expertise. In the end however, you are the one that will be held accountable for how the product turns out. Keeping this in mind, the best way to start is by having a sit down consultation with the client. Have a list of questions ready. Come up with the questions beforehand that hone in on the direction of their vision. Gain insight on how they want to feel about this product and/or how they want it to make them feel. Be honest about what you can and cannot do. Be honest about pricing. If the requests increase, let them know right away the costs that will be incurred.

Having clients that basically give you free reign over a design idea is always a pleasure! Ronisha came to me in need of a reception dress that would flatter her figure, while also showing her sophistication as a newlywed.

2. Give them your input as an expert and come up with a vision that meets the clients requirements and has your personal touch.

I came up with the sketch below. Ivory stretch satin with Swarovski crystals adorning her from the neckline, all the way down the front of the dress in flattering V shapes. The satin hugging her curves, while ivory chiffon peaks out at her shoulders and neckline. Ivory chiffon drapes down the back in a double layer, while a single fan pleated layer subtly shows off her legs in the front.

Lucky for me, Ronisha loved this sketch and gave me the ok to go ahead and get started. Sometimes, it may take some revising, or even coming up with a new concept entirely. Just make sure they are happy before going past this step.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 5.20.13 PM

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Styling a Music Video! E-Turn & SPS “Lucid”

8 Apr

Styling music videos is something I have always wanted to get in to since I started making clothes. I finally had the opportunity when Orlando emcee E-Turn asked me to be a part of her music video for “Lucid”, a track off of her latest album- Dark Trust. Directed by Varras Tower, this project was so fun to work on and came out amazing!


The theme is that E-Turn and her hip hop crew are hanging out on the Daytona beach boardwalk and arcade when they run into a punk/biker guy and get into a mini altercation with him. He calls his crew in, and it turns into a dance off between the hip hop and the punk/bikers. Continue reading

Growth in Life and Wardrobe

19 Aug

This weekend was a milestone in my life. My husband turned 30 and we celebrated 10 years since we met in person for the first time. These 2 important events have got me to thinking about how we evolve our personalities as we grow. This evolution usually relates to the public through your wardrobe. I often discuss the fact that you dress on the outside the way you feel on the inside, but the opposite is also true. To make yourself feel a certain way, you can dress your way to that feeling. Clothing yourself is a very psychological process that can show you to yourself, just as much as it reveals your personality to others.

front and back

My husband asked me to make him a vest for his birthday. He said “I feel like a lion lately.” So he wanted a lion on the back of his vest and a cross on the front. 2 days later, his prestigious lion vest was done. He put it on and instantly his posture and attitude changed. He said he felt like it represented the moment for him. He felt like the vest showed wisdom and strength, which in turn added to the internal feeling that he had about himself.

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Weekly Recap Photo Shoot, Halloween & Fall

4 Nov

This week has been so much fun!

I had a photoshoot last sunday with Edz Antoine (http://www.edz01.com), which was so awesome! He already had an idea and concept for what he wanted to do and asked me to bring 2 specific dresses. The studio he rented was near downtown Orlando. We worked with Christelsie Johnson- MUA and Lori Livingston- model. What an amazing team! Here are a few photos from the shoot!

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New Art and a Few Words About Pricing and Dealing With ‘Friends’

12 May

A.R.T. Hand Painting in Progress

Here’s a video of a custom tee shirt I did recently for a hip hop artist from south Florida. One thing about my brand A.R.T. is that I have complete creative freedom. As of now, I do not screen print. I thought about it, looked into pricing and found a few great companies in case I do decide to screen print designs in the future. But for now, I love being able to paint the tees. For one- its more fun, secondly- I get to be more involved and third- I get to make sure, up close and personal, that it looks great. I work for hours on one tee to make sure it looks great. I use a combination of a lot of techniques that I’ve acquired through books, youtube and other tutorials. How I do a particular tee depends on the design, so I have to decide how to combine the techniques from there.

A.R.T. Hand Painting in Progress

I feel like I’m reasonable with pricing. My T’s are $20 and for a custom one like you see in the video, its $30. At a time with the economy like it is, companies should do everything they can to accommodate their customers at a fair price. But at the same time I don’t think small businesses should sell themselves short. That can be a big reason for failure in small business. This is a quote from a workshop I took on financial management. “A common mistake made by small business owners is pricing too low,” says SCORE counselor Stanley Lakefish. “I’ve never known a business to go south due to high prices,” he says, “but I’ve known a few that did fail due to their prices being too low.” So it makes for an intense balancing act. One cool thing though is having sales. If you set your prices too high for an item and are having trouble selling it, just putting that item on sale will draw attention and possibly earn you your money back.

A.R.T.Just About Finished

Besides that point, the artist that I did the tee for in the video is a customer as well as a friend which brings me to a recommendation. Charge your friends for your work. If you don’t, everyone will be your friend. If you have problems, explain that it’s not personal and you simply cannot afford it. If anything- give them a discount for being a preferred customer. Other than that, remember that your best marketing tool is word of mouth, and if they pay for it and are happy, they will tell everyone. And likely, if your serious and passionate about your business, most good friends will want to support you.

~A. Rozier

A Fashion Show from Dec. 2010 and a Few Words on Business Relationships

5 May

This video is from a fashion show I did in December 2010. I put alot into this line and am very happy about how it looked on the runway. Expecially because of 2 models in particular. Candace King- who came all the way from Pittsbourgh to Palm Beach to participate in the show, and Floresca Isme who came from Orlando. These 2 ladies rocked it as you can see in the video and I am so glad that they were able to come and put their spin on things. Models with awesome walks can really enhance the clothing, and when you find the models that portray the look you want, treat them right, and keep it touch, because believe me– they are invaluable!!!

Relationships are vital in business. When people feel they can trust you, you are the first one they will come to if they have a need in your field. Trust comes from building a personal relationship and being reliable. As you can see, I have a great relationship with these two ladies in particular because of the way I highlighted them in the video. Them being great at what they do and being reliable, I had an urge to get creative in getting them exposure. Author Chris Brogan who co-wrote Trust Agents (a book on marketing) said at a seminar that a guy that he met at a BBQ and shared a couple drinks with led to Chris recommending many people to him and which ended up generating the guy tens of thousands of dollars. You never know how much one relationship can help your business. And more importantly- think of how many cool people you’ll meet and how much you’ll learn!

~A. Rozier

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