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A Fashion Show from Dec. 2010 and a Few Words on Business Relationships

5 May

This video is from a fashion show I did in December 2010. I put alot into this line and am very happy about how it looked on the runway. Expecially because of 2 models in particular. Candace King- who came all the way from Pittsbourgh to Palm Beach to participate in the show, and Floresca Isme who came from Orlando. These 2 ladies rocked it as you can see in the video and I am so glad that they were able to come and put their spin on things. Models with awesome walks can really enhance the clothing, and when you find the models that portray the look you want, treat them right, and keep it touch, because believe me– they are invaluable!!!

Relationships are vital in business. When people feel they can trust you, you are the first one they will come to if they have a need in your field. Trust comes from building a personal relationship and being reliable. As you can see, I have a great relationship with these two ladies in particular because of the way I highlighted them in the video. Them being great at what they do and being reliable, I had an urge to get creative in getting them exposure. Author Chris Brogan who co-wrote Trust Agents (a book on marketing) said at a seminar that a guy that he met at a BBQ and shared a couple drinks with led to Chris recommending many people to him and which ended up generating the guy tens of thousands of dollars. You never know how much one relationship can help your business. And more importantly- think of how many cool people you’ll meet and how much you’ll learn!

~A. Rozier

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