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A Second Chance

17 Nov

My husband and I have been blessed again with a beautiful baby. This time around there were no health problems or complications. We said hello to a healthy 9 pound baby boy on September 18th.

Elisha Blanket

About 8 months pregnant with the blanket I made for our son.              Elisha Cypher King Rozier

I didn’t share my pregnancy online until I was about 8 months along. My reclusiveness was out of fear, honestly. Fear that it was too good to be true. It really did not fully register that he would be here. That he would be real. After the loss of one child, the ability to accept the blessing of another is complicated. It was in my subconscious not to get my hopes up, in case something went wrong. I was already preparing for the worst. There was also a feeling of guilt. Like I was somehow forgetting or ungrateful for our daughter Areli because we had moved on. Like we were replacing her. Well, that just wasn’t true at all. But it’s funny how your emotions can fool your brain into thinking something is true when your mind/spirit is trying to protect itself. Continue reading


How to dye your hair pink! The pink hair that changed my life!

5 Mar

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 5.30.39 PM

In the last year of college when I was almost done with my master’s degree, I decided I wanted pink/purple hair. So I did it! I felt great! Like the spark of life on the inside was shown on the outside. Being a fashion designer/stylist, crazy cuts and colors are something that I see all the time, even if just within the industry. So I felt like I found something that was sort of a happy medium between the professional world and the creative world. I mean, red is a natural color.. and pink is only a few shades off from that right? Well, apparently not to everyone!

The video is detailing how I got the color, read on for how it changed my life!

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Growth in Life and Wardrobe

19 Aug

This weekend was a milestone in my life. My husband turned 30 and we celebrated 10 years since we met in person for the first time. These 2 important events have got me to thinking about how we evolve our personalities as we grow. This evolution usually relates to the public through your wardrobe. I often discuss the fact that you dress on the outside the way you feel on the inside, but the opposite is also true. To make yourself feel a certain way, you can dress your way to that feeling. Clothing yourself is a very psychological process that can show you to yourself, just as much as it reveals your personality to others.

front and back

My husband asked me to make him a vest for his birthday. He said “I feel like a lion lately.” So he wanted a lion on the back of his vest and a cross on the front. 2 days later, his prestigious lion vest was done. He put it on and instantly his posture and attitude changed. He said he felt like it represented the moment for him. He felt like the vest showed wisdom and strength, which in turn added to the internal feeling that he had about himself.

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Time Management takes an Attitude Adjustment

13 May

21118_10200783224239620_1777369006_nLately time has been moving what seems like faster than ever. Even now I have to do this blog post in the middle of the night because I just got done with homework, dying my hair and trying to lay out plans for tomorrow. In a way, I feel like everyone is going through the same thing. I feel like there is something in the air. A shift happening. Like a change in the season. Maybe its because the literal season is changing as well.

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Graduation! Someone Bring ME a Trumpet!

9 May

For a while I wasn’t sure if I’d even attend my college graduation. I finished school in early February this year and took my sigh of relief back then. Not doing anything to really commemorate the moment, but simply continuing with my work and making new goals.

But after attending my graduation last Saturday with family and friends, it made me realize how important it is to recognize your own accomplishments.

My mother in law and I at my graduation

Think about the last time you failed at something or didn’t do your absolute best. I’m sure you beat yourself up about it and felt lousy for quite a while. It may have even set you back, even if just in terms of your mindset.

Since fear is one of the strongest emotions in human beings, failures tend to outshine and get more attention than accomplishments. Achieving goals or milestones should give us just as powerful of a feeling.

When you can recognize your accomplishments as well as set backs, you will paint a realistic picture of where you are in life and what the next step should really be.

Last post I mentioned that this is my season of no excuses. Part of that mantra includes not lying to yourself. You’re stronger than you think you are, and when you do things that prove it to yourself, don’t be modest. Harness that feeling of achievement. Think of that feeling the next time you hit a rough patch on the way to reaching your next goal.

Everyone’s path to their own personal best will be different. Your best chance of reaching your destination will be knowing the traveler (yourself) and the terrain (path/opportunities/direction) as well as possible.

Now everyone, raise your trumpets an march onward!

~A. Rozier

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