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The Showroom Has Arrived! ::The New Website::

28 May

Showroom Home Page

Finally, finally finally, I have managed to rework my website. I had my site on Godaddy for a long time uggh, what a nightmare… using their website builder and templates, doing it myself from there. Well I wasn’t getting the look or feel of the company right at all from the Godaddy tools. I dreaded the thought of completely redoing the site, but knew I couldn’t take the site not representing the company properly anymore. Being a fashion designer that is available to sell to stores and boutiques, plus a personal designer that sells pieces to clients, I wasn’t getting that image across. So, with the help of my brand developer/husband, we came up with having a showroom that appeals clients buying for their boutiques, and a catalog section for those buying for themselves individually.

About Us Page

My husband and I had done his site in Adobe Dreamweaver, and both of us had no experience in that at the time, and found that it wasn’t as hard as we had initially thought. Don’t get me wrong, it was a struggle at first, but with lots of great people on youtube who post tutorials, we tackled it head on.

Main Home Page

My site, however, was a little different. The template I wanted was in Adobe Flash. Well that was a whole new ballgame to learn. I actually handled that one on my own, no tutorials or anything. In my opinion its easier than Dreamweaver and was pretty self explanatory after some playing around with it.


But now I have to go back to Dreamweaver (and Flash) to do the other half of the site which is The Catalog. This is where customers can shop and purchase our apparel. My guess is that it shouldn’t take me more than a week, considering that I actually understand my hosting server now and the proper way to publish things to the web.

Home Page

I hope that this inspires some of you to create the website you’ve always wanted or to revamp the one you already have. Don’t let obstacles stop or scare you. If worse comes to worse, you can always hire someone! A great website should only cost a couple hundred altogether for someone to do it for you, five hundred at the most. Stay fresh & good luck!!
To see the entire Showroom site, visit http://www.arozierdesignstudio.com
~A. Rozier

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